Example file tree for hosting jupyter presentations

Example file tree for hosting jupyter presentations

+-- slides/
    +-- reveal.js/  
    +-- slideshow_1/  
    |   +-- notebook_1.ipynb  
    |   +-- index.slides.html  
    +-- slideshow_2/  
        +-- notebook_2.ipynb  
        +-- index.slides.html  

Build the HTML presentation

cd into one of the slideshow directories and run nbconvert to build the presentation as slides. It will build index.slides.html.

jupyter-nbconvert notebook.ipynb --to slides --output index

Build and serve the notebook slides locally

This will create index.slides.html and serve it on localhost.

jupyter-nbconvert notebook.ipynb --to slides --output index --post serve

Hosting it on github

This will write the slides.html file with the path to the local version of reveal.js set (shown in the file tree at the top of page). I also rename the html file to index.html before pushing to github.

## writes slides
jupyter-nbconvert notebook.ipynb --to slides --reveal-prefix=../reveal.js --output index

## make an index
mv index.slides.html index.html

After pushing to github you can then view the slides at http://github.com/eaton-lab.github.io/slides/notebook