Lab information

Friday lab meeting schedule

A google calendar for the Eaton group lab meetings which are held either on the 10th floor of Schermerhorn Extension or in the E3B Greenhouse on Friday afternoons at 4pm. Email Deren to join the lab meeting listserv and to gain access to the google group.

Lab Gitter

A chatroom for updates about projects and organization in the lab. Gitter is a particularly convenient way to share code snippets, and to link to github repositories. Feel free to pop-in and say Hi.


Jupyter SSH-tunneling slides

A short slideshow with tips on using ssh to connect to remote HPC and running a remote jupyter notebook server that you can interact with locally.

Toytree slides

A short tutorial on using the Python library toytree to create interactive HTML tree figures that can be embedded in jupyter notebooks, used in HTML slides like these (reveal.js), or saved as standard figures (e.g., SVG, PDF).